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Project Description

Watch Medic is KodaWeb’s first website in Columbia South Carolina, basically the client want a flashy website that wowed his clients.  That sounded right up our ability ally, so we found a couple of website that caught his attention presented them to the owner and settled on one from “FlashSite Templates”, I personally liked this one also because it has so much potential.  We really liked the full screen viewing which kept the correct time and date, and with the needed icons; fast connection to the apps.

One obstacle that occurred while tailoring the website to meet the needs of the client, for KodaWeb, was to add icons to the home page that lead to the repair side of shop. On the flash template it proved to be a challenged that we were glad to have the web master’s help with. The end results was a satisfied client that was astonished at the looks and ease of the website.

Project Details

Easy Flash Templates allows you to edit your text, labels, email forms, background music, and pictures in Notepad or any other text editor, built to meet your needs and easy enough to be self maintain.

Client: Flashsite
Format: Dynamic Easy Flash template
Cost: $200 US

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