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Project Description

Bread Of Life

Bread Of Life website is a template imbedded from the host “LifeWay”, a good started web hosting company for any church that is just starting out, lack the experience of building a website, or lack the personnel to maintain the website.  Basically LifeWay will meet all your needs for a monthly fee plus setup and plus domain and and ect ect ect.  You get it, I do like them, they are my go to for churches that just need minimal setup and the office personnel can manage the updates.

What is LifeWayLINK?

LifeWayLINK is everything you need for creating an incredible ministry Web site, easily sharing media, encouraging member involvement and spurring outreach. Discover why thousands of churches and ministries depend on LifeWayLINK to manage their online communications. Have a question? Give us a ring (toll-free) at 1-800-221-5167.”

Project Details

This is a basic website for a non-profit church organization, with little to no understanding of website building while also being short on staff and newly  arrived to the area. We were glad to throw it together for them.

Client: Bread Of Life
Format: LifeWayLINK template
Cost: $00 US Maintain by owner

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