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We are more than a group of passionate web professionals. We are unique. We focus on delivering solutions that are as simple as they can be and no simpler. That’s the balance we strive for. Yes, we can do bells and whistles but that’s not the aim of KodaWeb. We focus on the things that keep customers coming back time and time again. We want to involve to customer in the decision process as much as possible without having to put the burden of development of website design upon them.

It has also been a joy to repair computers, mainly we find that the computers are virus stricken, which has rendered the computer inoperable; to the point of reformatting. What KodaWeb has done in the past for many clients was to save their files reformat the computer and restore the computer back to a working state for the client to use. Yes we have had also major repairs too, but for the most part clients only needed their computers serviced.

Here at KodaWeb we look forward to meeting your needs and expectations without the glamour and hoopla that you receive else ware. We are just a nuts and bolts company with your results as our reward.


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